Job-E-Job is a resume writing and career counseling service that is here to assist you in your job search and find the right job for you!


Our founder is an experienced Fortune 100 Corporate Human Resources Professional and it is our mission to inform candidates about current recruiting and industry trends for hiring.

Our staff of professional job search consultants and resume writers can assist you by writing a resume which will reflect your skills and abilities. We write resumes for all levels of experience, including entry level, mid level and senior level positions.

Your revised or new resume will reflect a complete snapshot of your experience, whatever your background has been. We can optimize your accomplishments and highlight them to make employers aware of what kind of contribution you can offer to their company.

Many candidates find that having a resume professionally written gives them the edge to find the job that they are looking for.


Our services include Resume Writing, Career Counseling, Job Interview Preparation, Reference Checking, Cover Letters, Thank You Letters and Reference Sheet, as well as a Resume Blast to over 1.5 million employers and Recruiters nationwide.

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